Privacy Policy

Information Collection and Use

Sell Car For Cash Chattanooga collects some information on the people who use our website and services in order to create the best experience. Personal information that we collect is limited in scope and usage, but may include your name, address, birthday, email address, or telephone number. 

When you give us this information, you consent to the way it is used as explained in this policy. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us directly.

Cookies and More

Sell Car For Cash Chattanooga will retain and track some information. This can include cookie information, pages that you’ve visited, services you’ve requested, and your IP address or other browser information. We use this to better our services and may provide it to some of our partners, but won’t give information to unknown third parties. 

You will be asked to consent for sharing with any partners who may get access to your information and you may withdraw that consent at any time.

Data We Use and Why

Details of our customers allows Sell Car For Cash Chattanooga to create products, services, and marketing that perform best. Personalizing your experience can create a more enjoyable interaction with us, so we may use this information to guide what you see on our website, what offers you get, or what materials are sent to you, such as newsletters. 

We may provide information about you to our employees and agents in order to administer any accounts, products, and services offered by Sell Car For Cash Chattanooga.

Security and Consent

Sell Car For Cash Chattanooga takes data and website security seriously. We rely on secure servers and services, such as the use of SSL technology, to give your data a strong protection. While security is a top priority, we cannot guarantee that all data transmissions are free from access, alteration or deletion due to the failures of firewalls or other safety protocols. 

By using our website and services, you are providing your consent to operate under this privacy policy. 

Policies may be updated when necessary and that will not always include an individualized notice of any changes. Pleases return to this page often to ensure that you are aware of the latest privacy policy requirements and agreements.